Mac air displayport to vga

Very disappointed.

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I was wrong. Go buy a generic knockoff. Is this review useful? Buyer Beware. It will work fine for our School's projectors for a brief period. We have bought dozens over the past 6 years for our schools and have also bought some from off brand sites. These brand names will all work initially but often give out at the same rate as the off brand dongles months. Trying another dongle from a big online brand name competitor that has high reviews so fingers crossed.

If going into a higher resolution display, this my be the best choice. More Read full review. Just as unreliable as the off brand dongles. I've been using this adapter for 3 years now with a Dell monitor, and I've have never had a problem with it. Works Well.

Connecting your Mac to your Projector

First purchased in About a year ago the image began displaying a jaggedness that would come and go along the edges of the content. It would disappear if I First purchased in It would disappear if I twisted and turned the cord and got the device to stay put just so. Presumably after nearly ten years of usage there was some fraying within the cable. Bought a new one today and it works as advertised.

Will VGA Splitter work for 2 Monitors on mini displayport to VGA on Mac Mini 2010?

No complaints. Worked fine for almost ten years. I have used two of these for at least five years with MacBook Pro and Dell laptops without any issues. I normally use them to connect two laptops to flat TVs or I have used two of these for at least five years with MacBook Pro and Dell laptops without any issues. I normally use them to connect two laptops to flat TVs or a projector at home, but I regularly take either of these connectors on presentations to connect a laptop to projectors of different brands.

I have never had any problems.

Jual Produk Apple Mini Displayport To Vga Murah dan Terlengkap | Bukalapak

Great with flat TVs and projectors. I wouldn't recommend this at all! VGA - Buyer Beware. Yes, this adaptor will work with any Mac that had a Mini DisplayPort. As long as your Mac is fairly new within the past 5 years , it'll work. More Read full answer. Found this in support: 1. Answer now what cable do i use to connect my MacBook Pro Retina to an external monitor.

Answer now Does the 27 inch Mac hav a mini display port? However I am in touch with Matrox a US company who have a hub which would enable 2 or 3 screens to be run off one thunderbolt port and the screens including the MBP retina screen will be able to be used independently or have work spread across all simultaneously.

Answer now can i use a vga splitter so i can support up to 2 external monitors cos i would really want to and if i cant then it would be the last straw. Answer now Will this allow me to use a MacBook Pro with a data projector? Browse all. Shop by Product.

Shop by Category. What is "Mini DisplayPort"? Is it an industry-standard? Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. For those interested in more technical details, there also are a variety of archived White Papers available for download. For complete disclaimer and copyright information please read and understand the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using EveryMac. Use of any content or images without expressed permission is not allowed, although links to any page are welcomed and appreciated.