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Generate random numbers with decimals in Excel How To: Create an interest-only loan schedule in Microsoft Excel How To: Create an Excel inventory template with running totals How To: Create a simple database in Excel with a list or table How To: Create a pass-fail grade formula in Microsoft Excel How To: Enter formulas in Excel with a macro How To: Extract records that meet certain criteria in Excel How To: Use conditional formatting for a student grading report in Microsoft Excel How To: Calculate proportions and percentages in Excel How To: Display trend arrows in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet How To: Find range and interquartile range in Microsoft Excel How To: You can tell when the axis is selected because light blue dots will appear on the corners.

Alternatively, you can reach this dialogue box by going to the Format tab or the Layout tab under the Charts toolbar and selecting Vertical Value Axis from the dropdown menu found at the top of the Current Selection group far left of the Ribbon.

Then select Format Selection. One of the single most important things to know about graphs is how to alter the size of the vertical axis.

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Such a simple change can greatly alter the appearance of data and potentially the interpretation. The Minimum , Maximum , Major unit , and Minor unit will always be defaulted to Auto , however, you can change the values in the text boxes thereby altering the size of the vertical axis.

Here we changed the Minimum from 0 to and the Major unit to which increased the number of gridlines. Be sure to note that the Major unit can never be smaller than the Minor unit. I could alter the axis to focus in on those three. The apparent pattern changes when we zoom in.

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Of course, if I wanted to present these changes I would also remove the other data points returning to Select Data and re-selecting the relevant data. As with the horizontal axis options, you can alter the Major tick mark type , Minor tick mark type , and the Axis labels. Again, use your discretion when experimenting with these features.

Formatting Chart Axes (Mac)

Alignment allows you to change the alignment of the text as well as the orientation horizontal, rotated, stacked. With all of the formatting options in the Format Axis dialogue boxes for the vertical and horizontal axes, they do not allow you to add axis titles. To add axis titles you must go to the Layout tab under the Charts toolbar and select Axis Titles in the Labels group.

As with the chart title, after selecting insert we can type the title in the formula bar and after pressing ENTER it will appear where the box currently says Axis Title. There are many options for formatting changes which I encourage you to explore. You can move the axis titles or delete them just like with chart titles.

Excel Tutorial using Microsoft 2008 for Mac

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