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Playing the game on a PC provides the advantage of the graphics card, intermediary architectures such as DirectX, and the benefit of better interaction devices.

What’s the Best Android Emulator for Windows 10?

Genymotion is one of the most preferred Mac Android Emulators but it also supports other platforms such as Linux. In contrast to BlueStacks which primarily caters to users, the Genymotion Android emulator is more targeted towards app developers. Compatible with Android SDK tools, Android Studio, and Eclipse, Genymotion is a complete developer suit that any app developer would be thrilled to work with. Genymotion supports the deployment of multiple apps and allows you to test your desired website performance on different browsers and also test your location permission required apps along with several features that are a must for facilitating Android app development.

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Genymotion Desktop as a tool supports over Android configurations, making it the perfect tool to suit the purpose of every Android app developer. With such a high amount of configuration support, one can simulate and test the working of android apps for almost every virtual device. Moreover, the tool also supports the development of battery charge level responsive apps, apps that require the use of a camera by facilitating the use of laptop camera , and also allows the use of GPS widget for development and testing of location-based apps. One can also set up call or SMS interruptions, and app display to fit the screen size of different devices.

This allows you to scale up your infrastructure to support app developers to work as a team on multiple devices. Genymotion Cloud facilitates a no nested virtualization to enjoy top performance even without a dedicated GPU and is compatible with multiple testing frameworks such as Appium, Robotium, and Espresso. If you are a developer looking for the best Android emulator , this is the perfect choice! Ever since its beta release in as the successor to Eclipse IDE, the popularity of Android Studio among app developers has grown by leaps and bounds.

Similar to Genymotion, the Android Studio emulator enables a developer to perform actions such as simulating incoming calls and SMSes, specifying device location, simulate varying network speeds, access the Play Store, etc. What should excite app developers the most is that Android Studio supports simulation of even the new Android 9. Using the emulator on Android Studio, users can install and run Android applications.

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This makes it possible for developers to easily test the applications on Android devices of different API levels. To run an app on the emulator, open Android Studio and click on "Run". In the dialog box that will be opened, select the emulator definition to use then click "OK". Perhaps the one advantage of Android Studio is its ease of use, and all one has to do to begin using it is to Update the tools using SDK Manager and follow the steps listed on the link. One of the drawbacks of using Android Studio is the comparatively high recommended configuration requirements of 8GB RAM and minimum of Core i3 processor.

Nox Player is the emulator of choice for many Android game enthusiasts. The Nox Player is considered to be one of the best interfaces offered by any Android emulator.

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Not only is it completely customizable like the interface of any Android device, but it also supports the use of keyboard and gamepad as interaction devices, and offers the ability to record scripts and play multiple instances. While Nox recommends a slightly higher memory requirement of 4GB RAM and also suggests having a minimum of 1GB Graphics Card, it is perhaps for this reason that Nox Player is claimed to offer the best UX and gaming experience among all the emulators in the market.

While Nox App player is amongst the best minimalistic tools you would come across, it is considered to be one of the best Windows and Mac Android emulators. The cutting-edge game rendering engine makes efficient use of your system resources and provides a gameplay experience far superior to what any smartphone would offer. The NoxPlayer6 can be downloaded for free from the Bignox site homepage. VirtualBox is not an emulator but is a best free virtual machine software that makes it easy for the operator to install other Operating Systems as Guest OS in the system.

You need to download both, VirtualBox and also the Android OS which could be a bit time-consuming and cumbersome to set up together. However, once the combination is set up, you can use it just as you would any Android smartphone. Once you install the VirtualBox software, you just need an Android ISO image file using which you can create the Android virtual machine.

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By selecting the type and version as Linux and following the prompts issued, you will be able to use Android on Mac. The VM works like any other app would on Mac. Because of the comparatively complex installation as opposed to a normal Android Emulator and the lack of support for mobile graphics, using Android on VirtualBox does not deliver a performance as good as that of an emulator.

One advantage that the use of a virtual machine has is one can allocate additional RAM to it depending on the requirement. Bottom line From the above you will be able to easily choose the best Android emulator for Mac and PC. Whether you are a developer, a gamer or just a person who wants to try out Android on Mac or Windows, you can use any of the emulators we have described above.

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You may have heard of this emulator as it was launched just when BlueStacks had begun gaining popularity. It is a simple emulator that allows you to use the Android device as a game controller. It features multi-touch support that provides access to your local file system, sensor integration as well as app sync for mobile. The emulator is based on the Android JellyBean version 4. This is a free emulator that supports advanced features like hardware acceleration and OpenGL. It emulates all Android apps and games on different Android devices. The installation process is natural, and you can choose the Android version to check the compatibility of an app.

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When it comes to Android emulators, BlueStacks is one of the best, but as you have seen, there are still other alternatives that you can use. BlueStacks is supported on both Windows and Mac, and the installation process is simple. With it, you can run your best Android apps on your PC and play games as well. If you know any other good Android emulators for Mac os or Windows computers then do let us know in the comments section. So, I can share it with my readers. Top Bluestacks alternatives 1. Nox App Player If you are looking for an alternative BlueStacks emulator, the Nox player, comes loaded with a ton of features.

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  • Download Nox For PC 2. KoPlayer Unlike android emulators that are designed for developers or BlueStacks that enables you to have a regular Android experience without optimization, the KoPlayer prime focus is on mobile gaming. Andy You may have heard of this emulator as it was launched just when BlueStacks had begun gaining popularity. GenyMotion This is a free emulator that supports advanced features like hardware acceleration and OpenGL. In conclusion When it comes to Android emulators, BlueStacks is one of the best, but as you have seen, there are still other alternatives that you can use.