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Troy Hunt: What is LOIC and can I be arrested for DDoS’ing someone?

Thanks for helping keep SourceForge clean. To protect itself, the group has altered its tactics over the past year to both increase the firepower of its attacks and shield members from the prying eyes of law enforcement. In late , members of Anonymous began to step away from their most well-known weapon for distributed denial of service attacks.


While some in the group continued to try to get enthusiastic followers or unwary webpage visitors to use a Web browser version of the Low Orbit Ion Cannon attack tool, use of LOIC had led to the arrests of members of Anonymous and LulzSec last summer. More cautious and technically skilled Anons started to use a collection of other tools and security practices to both step up attacks and hide themselves from being tracked. Denial-of-service DoS attacks are aimed at blocking access by outside users to a website or other Internet service.

The push-button tool being used to shut down Visa, MasterCard, and other sites

They usually do this by either overwhelming one or more of the resources of the server that hosts the website or application with traffic, or by disrupting a network service that the server depends on. The most common of these are "flood" brute-force attacks that aim to overwhelm a server's network connections with a huge volume of requests, consuming the network bandwidth of the server's connection, or filling up the memory associated with the server application's network connections, rendering them unreachable. Other types of attacks are crafted to go after the applications themselves, and use specially formed network requests to a server to exploit a function of its software to crash it or make it stop responding.

A distributed denial of service DDoS attack spreads the malicious requests to the server across many source computers—often by using a "botnet" controlling hundreds of infected computers, or in the case of Anonymous, by coordinating the efforts of tens or hundreds of volunteer "activists" to launch attacks.

...and is basically the old LOIC...

The attacks on the websites of the Justice Department and others in the wake of the takedown of Megaupload. HOIC isn't exactly rocket science. According to the documentation, it can be used to open up attack sessions simultaneously—either targeting a single server, or going after multiple targets.

How to use LOIC ( Low Orbit ION Cannon )

The user can control the number of threads used per attack.