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I can't find how to choose change the template for printing labels from Address Book. How do you add a new "preset" to the list of choices? Also, how can I print a full page of the same address? One prior poster said I could, but no directions given. Where are they and how do I access them? Can Pages access them? If I use a Numbers spreadsheet to supply my single address data, how do I get a template for Pages to use? Do I have to build it from scratch, copying and pasting for 30 labels? And how do I tell pages to repeat the same address for all labels?

Please help! I'm just a new convert from PC and doing things the Mac way is still unfamiliar.

Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Zlig Zlig. These will remain static unless you change them, and you can toggle from one custom page to another and back and should notice how the settings do not change. Re printing from Pages, I have found [this link http: View answer in context.

Helpful answers Drop Down menu. In the popup menu below the pages options, select "Address Book", then in "Style" choose Mailing Labels, click the "Layout" tab and voila. Loading page content. Good so far. Now how can I get a whole page full of one address? Also, it seems in my experimentation that though I can "save" my preset with a name, it doesn't really remember the specific settings.

WL Name Badge 3. WL Filing labels 3.

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WL Mailing Labels 3. WL Shipping Mailing Labels 3. WL Shipping Mailing 3. WL Multipurpose Labels 4 " x 1.

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WL Shipping Labels 4 " x 3 " 6 labels per sheet Download. WL Shipping Labels 4 " x 5 " 4 labels per sheet Download. WL Bottle label 5 " x 3 " 3 labels per sheet Download. WL Water Bottle Labels 7 " x 2.

How Do I Print Address Labels In Pages?

WL Return Address 1. WL Multipurpose Label 1. WL Multipurpose Folder 2. WL Multipurpose Label 2. WL Multipurpose Label 4" x 1. WL Multipurpose Label 8. WL Shipping Label 8. WL Square Labels 1 " x 1 " 80 label per sheet Download. WL Multipurpose Labels 4. WL Shipping Labels 6 " x 4 " 2 label per sheet Download. WL Water Bottle Labels 8 " x 2. WL Labels 8 " x 3. WL Medical Labels 8.

WL Bottle Labels 8. WL Round Label 1. Select the Cell Background section and choose None. In this case, I changed the left margin to 2. Once I made these changes I could change the column width to 1.

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Making adjustments is less a matter of science than it is a matter of judgement. I suggest that you make smaller changes,. When your labels are finished and printed, you'll get something that looks like this. First, select the table.

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One way to do this is to control-click on the table and choose Select All. Now you're ready to print out your labels.

Free Laser Label Templates for Brand Compatible Labels

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